1. ChicaCanadiense Senior Member

    canada english
    Y apesar de que dicen que los años son sabios And ___ that they say years are wise
    Todavia se siente el dolor The pain still feels??

    Que quiere decir "apesar"? Lo he buscado en el diccionario y no está allá por lo visto. Hay "pesar", sin embargo. Pero no sé si eso importa.
    ¿Sabe alguien español como se dice "apesar" en inglés?

    Y puedes decirme ese párrafo en inglés? Porque no sé lo que la mayor parte de ello significa.

    Gracias :)
    En inglés, can someone please help me with translating these phrases from a song? I'm especially having trouble with "apesar", since it's not anywhere in the WR dictionary that I can see.
  2. silvester

    silvester Senior Member

    Mexico, spanish
    a pesar-although
    Mi intento: Although they say that time is wise, you can still feel the pain

    Like Silvester says.. A pesar = although

    or A pesar can also be said as = even though
  4. JB

    JB Senior Member

    Santa Monica, CA, EEUU
    English (AE)
    Also, read this: http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=pesar

    The use of the reciprocal "se" often translates as "one". Se habla español = One speaks Spanish, or more commonly, Spanish is spoken, or They speak Spanish.

    Se siente el dolor = The pain feels itself (very literally) or more fluently, what Silvester said.
  5. Oscar Cáceres Burgos Senior Member

    Chile, Español

    The pain feels itself??... can the pain feel??...

    First thing, you will never find "apesar" in a dictionary, just because you say it separetely: "A pesar". As silvester said, "although" is the best translation.

    "Although it has been said
    that the years are wise, you can still
    feel the pain"

    To love you I need a reason,
    and it is hard to believe
    that exists no other than this love.

  6. bambooozler Senior Member

    Puedes usar varios connectors:
    Despite, regardless o in spite of

    Despite the old saying the older you get the wiser you become,
    It still hurts.
  7. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    "the pain lingers on"

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