aplica el término prescriptivo

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    Cabe destacar que en un procedimiento en que se aleguen atrasos en el pago de la pension alimenticia, aplica EL TERMINO PRESCRIPTIVO que establece la ley de Puerto Rico ...

    I'm guessing this has to do with the relevant laws of statute of limitations but I'm having trouble finding the right way to phrase this in English. That the relevant expiration / limitation period applies???
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    the time period provided by Puerto Rican law is applicable

    prescriptivo seems to have to do with the lapsing of some right through untimely exercising of the right or the acquisition of property rights through long-time use of the property in question. I don't know what it's doing here in this phrase except maybe to emphasize that the word término is in regards to a time period. Or perhaps it's saying the person who alleges late payment is also subject to some requirement for timely action.

    statute of limitations
    limitation period

    from Alcaraz and Hughes

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