Aplicar correctamente las distinas disposiciones legales


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Need help with this phrase? I think I have the general meaning of the phrase, however I think it needs a little work.

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1-Aplicar correctamente las distintas disposiciones legales que rigen las relaciones derivadas del trabajo como hecho social y debera precisar la normativa aplicable en la solucion adecuada de los distintos problemas laborales que presentan dentro del contorno organizacional

To correctly apply different legal regulations that govern the relations derived from the profession (as a social fact). Students should also specify the applicable regulations in the proper settlement of arising work related problems .

Another phrase I am a little iffy on is this:

Fuentes del derecho del trabajo My translation: Source of labor laws
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    "Aplicar" seems to be in parallel with "precisar", so rather than "to apply" it would be "should apply"; the unexpressed subject is "student". Unless "trabajo" refers to a profession I suggest "work" or "labor", which seem to fit better with "problemas laborales". Another version: "correctly apply the various laws/regulations that govern labor relations, [which are] based on [the concept of] work as a social reality, and specify the rules applicable in a satisfactory solution of the different labor problems which they present in the workplace".

    "Sources of labor laws" seems good.
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