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Hi everyone!
I would like to translate into English "aplicar la eutanasia a los recién nacidos", and I was wondering if it was with the verb applicate or administrate or ?¿
Thanks in advance!
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    But what is the action when euthanasia is carried out on animals or sick people?
    Can I also use Carry out?
    Gracias por vuestro gran apoyo.
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    Hi Buddleja:

    Yes, you can also use it for sick people and animals.

    Here are some examples found in Google:

    * "Under strict conditions it is now legal in The Netherlands to carry out euthanasia on people with dementia."

    * "A leading expert in medical ethics is calling for doctors to have the right to carry out euthanasia on patients who haven't given their consent."

    * "The decision to carry out euthanasia on a bird can only be made by a veterinarian."

    * "In order to carry out euthanasia on the animal, the owners must pay a fee."

    Greetings :)
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