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French (lower Normandy)
apocryphe adj(non authentique) (formal)apocryphal adj
spurious, dubious, questionable adj
unsubstantiated, unauthenticated adj
Ce testament découvert après son décès est un testament apocryphe.

I am not so sure about Dterms2.
For instance, « Élémentaire, mon cher Watson » est une citation apocryphe. I don't think "dubious" or "questionable" would work.
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    My first thought is that in the (original) context of biblical studies, you'd just say apocryphe or apocryphal and explain what that means; different apocryphal texts receive different treatments depending on the reason for the exclusion from the biblical canon, and of course Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians as well as Jews have different canons… Ditto for other fields related to history with texts. The texts exist. But are they what they claim to be or what others later claimed? We can't always prove that, and whether I'd describe a text as "dubious" or "unauthenticated" (apocryphal being more limited to biblical studies, I think) would depend on how much probability I would give to the authorship claim.


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    Thanks. I've removed Dterms2. I wonder if we should have 'citation apocryphe' as a compound. I think we'd probably say it's a quotation that doesn't appear in the original books. Possibly we might say it's a misquote (but it is said in the films, so it isn't a total misquote, not like, for instance 'Play it again, Sam' or 'Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well').