Apologize for providing wrong information.


Hello all,
Let's imagine someone pointed out a mistake to us in formal correspondence.
Our response is as follows:

I apologize for providing wrong information in my previous e-mail.

Or should it be

I apologize for providing the wrong information in my previous e-mail.

Assuming the version with the definite article is correct - would it change anything if we were the ones to spot the mistake in our initial message and mention it for the first time with the apology (i.e. "Oh, and I apologize for providing wrong information in my previous message. One of the numbers is off").

  • dojibear

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    "Information" is generic, so does not use "the".

    If you want, you can say "the information" to mean "an item of information". Usually you would do that if you mean a specific thing. For example "the wrong information about shipping dates".

    A better phrase is "incorrect information". It is a more accurate adjective than "wrong", for "information".


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    If you both know what the incorrect information is, then it’s logical to refer to it as “the” (or even “that”) information [that we both know we’re referring to].

    If you’re informing the other party that you got something wrong, and as yet they know nothing about it, then the definite article is not appropriate. But in practice, you would not put it like that. You’d explain from scratch, for example by saying something like: I’m very sorry but some of the information we gave you before was wrong…”


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    I take a different approach (though I make as many errors as others). I apologize for the "inconvenience" my error may have caused, even when that "inconvenience" may have amounted to a financial loss. I don't usually apologize for the error itself. I don't know that it makes any difference.

    "The information in my previous email was incorrect. The correct quantity of widgets that we have in stock is 15. I apologize for any inconvenience my error may have caused."