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Hello everyone

I guess I have a silly question to ask, but I want to be sure. I have heard someone saying "Apologize me for a while" when he wanted to go to the restroom, but I doubt this is idiomatic. Could you help me? Is it fine to say "Excuse me for a while, I need to go somewhere." or other ideas?

Thank you.
  • Pluvia

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    "Excuse me for a while" is correct. "Apologize me" sounds very awkward (not just grammar-wise, but also in the context you provided), at least we don't say that in Canada. We say "Apologize to me" (but still not in that context)

    Yes, "excuse me for a while, I need to go somewhere" would be more appropriate. Or you can just say "sorry, I need to go somewhere, I'll be right back", or something like that.


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    "Apologize to me" would be more of a command when you're telling someone to apologize or say sorry to you. Hope that helps!
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