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What was he doing?
He was apologizing to me for what he did.
I think that we can't use apologize in the continuous form since it's a stative verb. But in the sentence above it is in the continuous form. HOW COME!! Please tell me whether all English verbs can be categorized into action and stative verbs or not?!! They say that stative verbs cannot be seen. Are they telling an absolute truth.
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    Hi MK, not "stative", "performative".
    A note on performative verbs
    This is a small group of verbs where by saying the verb you perform the action described in that verb. (...) These verbs include: accept, acknowledge, advise, apologise, assume, deny, guarantee, hope, inform, predict, promise, recommend, suggest, suppose, warn
    These are not stative verbs and can be used in continuous tenses when we are describing what somebody is doing - Don't go on about it so much, can't you see he's apologising? But when we use them as a declaration - I apologise for what I said, we usually use a simple tense rather than a continuous one. (random-idea-english)
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