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    Perhaps the simple "Please accept my apologies for not replying sooner." Or even simpler: "I'm sorry for not replying sooner."

    I would choose the second one every time. Failing to reply in a timely matter is not one of life's greatest sins. :) I use "apologies" for more regrettable behavior.


    Okay, thank you. So if I understand you well, the word "apology" and its plural "apologies" are nouns that mean "sorry", and you use "apologies" more often than the singular one. If I ask someone for his / her apologies, than I ask him / her to apologise to me (=say sorry to me). My apologies for the question.. :p And I thank you very much for your help!


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    That's about right. We wouldn't ask for someone's apologies; we would ask them to apologize (either to me, or for their actions).

    I want you to apologize.

    I expect you to apologize for calling my cat fat.
    I'm sorry.
    Not to me, to him.

    And I tend to use "apologies" rather than "apology" in the form: Please accept my apologies. If I'm sorry, I'll give them multiples. :) But "apology" is also fine, if you prefer.
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