appartement dont la configuration est identique à

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    Yes you can, you can also use flat instead of apartment.

    Even if it makes sense, I'm not sure that your sentence take the "dont" into account.

    Maybe something more like "the flat with the same layout as the one next door" ?

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    franc 91

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    The layout of this flat/apartment is exactly the same as that of the one nextdoor. (a suggestion) In the ads they also use the verb - to reflect.


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    We are missing a part of the sentence in order to properly use the English equivalent of "dont". If we want to stay truer to the original, we should probably say:

    an (the) apartment whose layout is the same as (identical to)...


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    I don't think I want to slavishly transpose, I want to stay true to the meaning, style, and register and this is a way to do that while translating from one language to another.
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