appearing as (a) guest artist with musicians like...

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Hi there!

I'm writing a biography about some music band. I want to say that this band has acted as guest artist on stage with other famous musicians. The whole sentence must be something of the following, but I'm not completely happy with it; besides I hesitate about using or not "a":

The band... [...] ...appearing as (a) guest artist with musicians like...

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Thank you very much.
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    I'm not entirely sure what you want to say. Do you want to say that the band toured with other artists, or do you want to say that they played onstage with other artists? In the first case, I'd say they toured with (artists such as)...[insert names of famous artists here]. In the second case, you could say They joined [insert names of famous artists here] onstage.


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    Also, at concerts sometimes a less-famous band will "open" for a more famous major artist. That means the less-famous band plays for a while and then the more famous artist takes over. For example, at Frontier Days this summer, Josh Turner will open for Alan Jackson.
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