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IS it proper english to say: THe olympic games were created to appease political tension between countries, however the Chinese are allegedly using these sport competitions as propaganda to cover their human issues woes. ?

Thanks. (Is woes an appropriate word here?)
  • cycloneviv

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    I'm worried about "human issues woes". The idiomatic term, which people are using in regard to China's Olympic games, is "human rights". You could say China has "human rights issues" or that it has "human rights woes".


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    I mostly agree with the above responses.

    Appease usually means you have given up something in an effort to please an adversary.

    He offered his daughter's hand in marriage to the King in hopes of appeasing him and avoiding war.

    "Woes" always sounds a little theatrical to me and I think that as Cycloneviv suggested, "human rights issues" sounds a good bit better to my ear.
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