appels masqués

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    Merci Paris Lady... that gives me lots of options.
    Its about a caller who doesn't want his/her number to show when (s)he calls, i think and about calls that arrive from numbers that are not displayed on the phone screen.

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    Then, with your context the most common thing that would be said in the US would be: "She blocked her number", "She called from a blocked number", "She called from a restricted number".

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    Right. I meant IT as in telecommunications... and I did try withheld number in my translation and it fits quite well.


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    Juste une précision.
    I wanted to say:
    trop d'appels masqués/d'appels de numéros masqués. (que je recois)

    How can I translate ? :
    too many imcoming calls of blocked numbers.
    too many incoming calls of restricted numbers.
    too many imcoming calls of number withheld.
    too many incoming hidden calls.
    too many incoming calls with caller ID disabled.

    I am LOST :D
    thanks for any help