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Do they have to necessarily be attachments? i.e., Do they refer to something that has to be added right at the end of a paper, essay, project...? Could you set them in between?

I am describing a unit plan, lesson by lesson. First, I give a short list of each and every activity to be carried out in the lesson and then I explain in much more detail the most outstanding activities, adding diagrams and pictures. I call all this information "appendixes", but I am not enclosing them at the end of the paper.
This would roughly be what I am doing.

Session 1
- Pre-reading (Matching activity) - Appendix 1.a
- While Reading
- After reading
- Composition- Appendix 1.b

And then I move on to describing the activities in detail:
Appendix 1.a:

bla, bla, bla.....

am I using the wrong term?

Thanks in advance
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