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What is the meaning of "appliance" in this sentence?

"In point-to-point radio link systems, connections must sometimes be made requiring high appliance performance to counteract problems due to transmission channel deterioration, especially due to echoes and supplementary attenuations by multi-trajectories."

I know it is technical jargon but I have no problem with understanding the technical terms. I am having a hard time with the more general expressión "appliance performance". Usually, I have found it in the sense of "device", "equipment", etc,... but in this case it makes no sense to me. Knowing that the author is a non native speaker (like I myself), could it be "application performance"?, i.e., could he be using "appliance" in the sense of "an act of applying"?.

Thanks in advance.
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    The Google definition lists this:

    the action or process of bringing something into operation.


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    It would have been helpful to provide the source*. Specifically, this is from a patent application written by native speakers of Italian. (It can be found here.) Its English is difficult to understand in many places - even for me, and I have a good background in computer and communications technology.

    In this context, appliance seems to mean device. The communications device must have high performance in order to be able to perform calculations that counteract certain types of problems. Specifically, the device must perform calculations on the signals it receives in order to reconstruct the original signal despite transmission errors, and must be fast enough to perform these calculations in real time as the signals arrive.

    *It's also required by forum rules, but that's a separate topic and is best left to moderators to enforce.
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