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Hi everybody!
I need to know the meaning of landscape in the following context:

we need to adopt the to-be applications landscape to support our orientation towards automation...

thank you in advance!
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    The collocation 'applications landscape' can be found on Google Books. These are search results extracts:
    At this juncture, when one looks at the applications landscape for nanotubes and nanotube-based products, it seems appropriate to divide this landscape into three categories based on timelines: present applications that are already in the marketplace, near-term applications that will succeed in the marketplace in the next ten years, and long-term applications beyond the ten-year horizon. (source)

    ... This could partially be explained by the higher diversity of the applications landscape in the Finance lndustry. Heterogeneous systems are often associated with hybrid IS organizations, in which each business unit has its own custom-made information sub-system... (source)

    If foreign reports and travelers' tales provided accurate guides to how computers are used in the PRC today, one might easily infer that video games, dial-a-match computerized dating services, automated herbal tonic dispensaries, and other such electronic ephemera currently dominate the applications landscape. (source)
    Using the extracts as guides, the interpretation of 'landscape' seems to be 'all the members of a particular family of things'. This would signify that 'applications landscape', as used in the topic sentence, means 'the entire family of applications that we want to implement'.

    However, although it comes pretty near, I doubt this is how 'applications landscape' is intended to be understood here. The reason is that its context is quite different from the quotations': an organization in the first case and, basically, markets in the others'. As we have very little information to go on - information that answers questions such as who is speaking, what is he saying in the preceding and following sentences, which organization does he represent - I think it's difficult to give a more specific reply at this point. My guess would be that the speaker was trying to use a term he didn't have a very good grasp of.


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    Application landscape is an industry-specific term in Information Technology/Information Systems. "Orientation towards automation" supports that this is how its being used. EStjarn's extrapolations are pretty close.

    The following definition is provided at

    An application landscape often consists of a multitude of information systems. These are connected via different technologies, support different business processes and are subject of continuous change through different projects.
    Instead of "application landscape" also the term "system landscape" is quite common. Especially used in the context of technical infrastructure (resp. hardware landscapes), this term typically describes hardware utilization. Talking only about hardware systems can be misleading in this context. For a clear definition we prefer the term "application landscape" which also includes aspects of technical infrastructure.

    That definition is probably not too clear. Basically the "landscape" here refers to the group of information systems needed for your purpose.
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