applied a dash of medicinal glitter

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Does "applied a dash of medicinal glitter" refer to "applied a dash of medicinal glitter to Sam to fix him up"?

Thanks in advance


“I told Aubrie that Mommy knew special doctors who could fix Sam up.”

Thelen, a nurse manager, and her husband, an ambulance driver, coordinated with colleagues during a slow period at their hospital. Doctors donned protective Santa gloves, applied a dash of medicinal glitter. The medical center, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, cheekily posted photos on its social media accounts.

-The Washington Post

Source: The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas toy for kids, or a mind game for adults?
  • Barque

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    They put glitter on the elf to make it look good for the child. The "medicinal" is a joke.

    glitter (WR dictionary): tiny pieces of shiny decorative material used for ornamentation, as on the skin.
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