applied for three times over

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Hi everyone. The following passage is from Agatha Christie's "Hickory Dickory Dock" (1955).

But am I not always full? Do I ever have a vacancy that is not applied for three times over?
These are the words of the owner of a hostel for students. I can't understand the second sentence. Please help.
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    That means that the owner gets applications for more than three times the number of vacancies, so if there are 5 vacancies, they get more than 15 applicatons.


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    "three time over" simply means "for a single vacancy it is applied for three times."
    It's apparent that the hostel is always full. And the owner is wishing there was any vacancy.
    Am I right? I mean is it the context?


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    No, the owner doesn't wish there's a vacancy (I'm a big Christie fan so I'm very familiar with this book). She's bragging about how popular her hostel is. It's so popular that whenever she has an opening, she has far more people (three times more) apply for it than she has room for.
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