applied linguists throughout the twentieth century


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The method concept in teaching - the notion of a systematic set of teaching practices based on a particular theory of language and language learning - is a powerful one, and the quest for better methods was a preoccupation of many teachers and applied linguists throughout the twentieth century.
Source: Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching (J.C.Richards, T.S. Rodgers)

I have checked the WR Dictionary but in spite of that I can not understand what the blue word [applied] means in my context. It has many meanings. It's hard to identify to which definition it refers to. Would you please help me with that?

Thank you.
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    I suppose it means that there are two sorts of linguists:

    Theoretical linguists who study the etymology and structure of languages.
    Applied linguists who translate or who teach languages.

    The same distinction is made between psychologists (theoretical) and psychiatrists (applied) or between pure and applied chemistry.

    I simplify, I'm sure.


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    Thanks for answering, so hasn't [applied] been used as a past tense verb there?
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