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context:"There are two sets of options you can set. You can set options that apply to the tools provided by Visual
C++ 2005, which apply in every project context."

Hi,forum.I am not really sure about the "apply" in the sentence above.With the first "apply to",its meaning is "that is used, to the tools" as I knew it,while the second "apply in",it doesn't mean only "which is used in every project context",but also means"which is applicable in every project context",right?
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    In the first sentence 'apply to' is synonymous to 'are relevant to', 'have something to do with', etc. For the second sentence, it means that the options apply to all sorts of projects. The options are set and remain set whatever the type of project. "To be applicable to" is another way to say "to apply to".

    Hope it helps. :)
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