1. lilmisssunshine58 Senior Member

    English, USA

    Para decir "I have appplied to University" ¿que verbo se usa para "apply"? ¿Se usa el mismo verbo que se usa para decir "to apply for a job"? (¿que pienso es "solicitar"?)

  2. toxicosmos

    toxicosmos Senior Member

    Seville - Spain
    Español - España
    You can say:
    "He solicitado (una) plaza en/para la Universidad".

    You can't say:
    "He solicitado para la Universidad".
  3. Pecosa Senior Member

    Castellano Argentina
    "postularse" es la palabra adecuada
  4. ausum Senior Member

    Lima, Perú. Español.
    That's correct. The sentence would translate as:

    "He postulado a la universidad"
    "Postular a un puesto de trabajo"
    "Postular a un trabajo"
  5. eclypse Senior Member


    How about "applying for a masters programme" ?

    Postularse a un posgraduade?

    Does that work if what I want to say is that I have applied to three postgraduate programmes, but it will be months before I find out where I have been accepted.

    Thank you
  6. Rivendell

    Rivendell Senior Member

    Spanish / Spain
    Hi all,

    "postular" is a correct word but we NEVER (or SELDOM) use it in Spain. In fact we don't use a specific verb. We'd say:

    "Me he matriculado en la Universidad" - "Me he apuntado a la universidad" - "He hecho la reserva de plaza en la universidad"

    "He mandado un CV a un puesto de trabajo"
  7. ClementineSino

    ClementineSino Member

    Spain; Spanish
    I agree with Rivendell. I would never use "postular" except if I'm talking about someone who is defending a theory: "Miguel Servet postulaba que exitía una doble circulación sanguínea".
    I would say "He pedido/solicitado la admisión en la universidad X", because when you apply you still don´t know if your application is going to be accepted. After the acceptance, you pay and send all the necessary papers: this is "matricularse" (me he matriculado...).
    And if I am applying for a job I would also say "he echado un CV a un puesto de trabajo". It sounds more informal, but it is the most usual option.
    Un saludo.

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