Apply <your company> for a free conference pass

Discussion in 'English Only' started by atakeris, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. atakeris Senior Member


    I know how to use "apply" when I'm refering to myself "I've applied for a job" etc. But what about if you are applying someone else, or on behalf of the company:

    Does it work?
    Apply <your company> for a free conference pass

    Or should I change the phrasing?
  2. se16teddy

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    That does not work.

    How can a company have a pass to go to a conference? Does it mean that everyone who works for the company can go?
  3. atakeris Senior Member

    Ok, let's say "apply your company for the award XYZ". I'm more interested whether this structure is correct or not.
  4. lingobingo

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    No, you can't apply a company [for something], but a company can apply [for something].

    You would have to say something like: We made an application on behalf of the company for [whatever]. Or: The company plans to apply for [whatever].
  5. sdgraham

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    Let's not say that.
  6. Egmont Senior Member

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    To apply, in the sense of an application, is an intransitive verb. You cannot use it transitively. The verb "to apply" also has a transitive meaning - "I applied polish to the table," "I applied differential equations to the problem" - but it is quite different from what you mean here. Trying to use this verb transitively, with a meaning that it only has intransitively, would be confusing at best - and perhaps not understood at all.
  7. atakeris Senior Member

    Thank you!

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