apport en société de son fond de commerce

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    Terms and Conditions of Sale:
    [Missing a payment makes the full price payable immediately: the same applies in case of...] iI en sera le même en cas de vente, de cession, de remises en nantissement ou d'apport en société de son fond de commerce par l'acheteur.

    There are a number of options for this, but I'd like to know if there's a definitive translation and, if possible, exactly what it means.

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    fonds de commerce has been discussed a few times on WR
    Apport en société at least once but not very conclusively, in my opinion...

    The owner will contribute with his capital ( the business/the assets he/she owns) to a company ( newly created or not, it doesn't matter)
    There is a number of consequences such as shares of the company or dividends...
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    NB : fonds de commerce (même au singulier)

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