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Hello all, do you know what's the meaning of "appose" I could find it in wordreference, I understand it means something like a place close to a city or something like that, but I'm not sure.

can you help?

  • JamesM

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    Let me try that again...

    It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with cities. An artist might appose areas of light and darkness in his paintings to increase the dramatic effect, for example.

    I tried to quickly Google some sample sentences but the examples I found were misuses of the word ("he apposed the war" which should be "he opposed the war") or definitions of the word.

    I haven't seen or heard it much as a verb. "Apposition", as a noun, is more common, in my experience. I believe mathematicians use the word "appose" in a very specific sense, but I can't remember what it is.


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    I think this verb is a little too subtle and/or complex to explain without some context. It can mean several different things, not all of which seem related.

    It is little used in idiomatic English.

    I hear the adjective "apposite", meaning, inter alia, "apt" more often.

    Do you have any context for your particular query?


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    I am most familiar with "appose" in a grammatical sense. Apposition is the placing of a noun or noun phrase next to another noun or noun phrase in order to expand or clarify.

    Ex: Mr. Smith, the French teacher, is a nice man.

    "the French teacher" is the apposition, is apposed to "Mr. Smith."

    As was noted elsewhere, "appose" is a verb. Appose is not synonymous with oppose.