apprécier infiniment


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I would like to say this sentence "J'apprécierai cela infiniment" in English, but I don't know how to translate the infiniment in English.

My suggestion is "I will appreciate it a lot", but it doesn't fit very well in a formal context.

Another suggestion ?
  • fdepues

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    You will need to be a little bit more specific about the context in order to make the right choice between "J'apprécierai" and "j'apprécierais".

    Futur simple de l'indicatif, l'action se déroulera avec certitude dans le futur.


    Conditionnel présent, l'action est envisagée comme une possibilité.


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    I agree with fdepues that you probably want/need to conditional, not the future.

    Try: "I'd be eternally grateful." Or even "My gratitude would know no bounds!"


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    Yes, you're right. It was the conditional form.
    The entire sentence is :
    If you could forward this email to him, I would deeply appreciate it.

    Is that correct now ?
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