apprécier l’opportunité

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I am translating an academic paper with an economic topic. I am unsure what the intended meaning of "apprécier l’opportunité" is here:

"Chaque État doit pouvoir apprécier l’opportunité de recourir à ce mode de financement qui repose sur un mécanisme complexe de financement privé."

My attempt:

"Each state must be able to evaluate its use of this financing method, which is based on a complex system of private funding."

A more literal translation, I believe, would be "appreciate the opportunity to resort to" but that doesn't seems correct to me. Also "appreciate" is positive and "resort to" is generally negative.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  • Michelvar

    French / France

    I don't know a good translation, but anyway, in this context, "apprécier l’opportunité de recourir à" means "assess/decide if using it is good for them or not".

    Usually "apprécier l'opportunité" is answering the question "is it the good time to do it", or "is it good for me".


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    opportunité, en français = caractère de ce qui est opportun

    WR :
    opportunité nf (bien-fondé)opportuneness, appropriateness n
    Nous allons discuter de l'opportunité de ce voyage.

    → Chaque État doit pouvoir apprécier s'il est opportun de recourir…
    opportune, timely, suitable, appropriate, advisable
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