apprécier la montagne


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Hello everyone!

Here is my sentence: "Nous apprécions la montagne en été".

My tries:
1- We appreciate the mountain (S??) in summer.
or w
2- We enjoy the mountain in summer.
Once I saw "the mountain" written with a capital letter. Was it right?

Thanks a lot in advance :).
  • gleno

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    I think you want "enjoy".
    "mountain" is not capitalized unless there is a particular place which is named "Mountain" or "The Mountain".


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    Français - France
    Est-ce que vous l’appréciez l'été mais vous y vivez toute l'année ou appréciez-vous d'y aller en été et vous vivez ailleurs ?

    Pas de majuscule au nom commun.


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    Gleno, shall I leave "mountain" in the singular? In French, "la montagne" is a collective noun.
    I may not be Gleno but I would make "mountains" plural if we're not talking about a specific mountain. I also agree that "appreciate" is not the right word in this sentence. "Enjoy" is good.
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