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What is a good translation for the French verb "apprécier." I know that is does not have the same meaning as the English verb "to appreciate" which corresponds to a meaning of thanfulness. (I appreciate it.) Apprécier means something like to have a high regard for. What is a better translation than this? Thanks!
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    Well perhaps you're not giving the English "appreciate" its due. Yes there's the thankful "I appreciate your help." There's also the high regard of "I appreciate your candor" or "I appreciate fine wine." There's also the gain in value of "The portfolio appreciated over time." If you have a sentence in which you don't think "appreciate" cuts it, it might be better if you give it in full.


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    "Apprécier" in French has at least three meanings.
    For example:
    "Apprécier la valeur d'un objet" = to estimate a price for an object
    "Apprécier ces vacances" = to enjoy these holidays
    "J'apprécie ce que vous avez fait pour moi" = I appreciate what you have done for me


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    Aussi "appreciate" en Englais peut dire comprendre, comme "I appreciate it's a difficult situation"
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