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I would like to know your opinion on the interchangeability of three terms - assessment, evaluation, appraisal - in the context of the sentence below.

Psychosis – a multi-faceted process. The assessment/evaluation/appraisal of the course, prognosis and long-term treatment results/outcome.

I guess from the thread on, that either one can be used here (as it is a complex assessment). Does appraisal also fit here?
Which of the three is the most idiomatic for you?
Or is there a better alternative?
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    Hello, Word Up. I searched in a reputable corpus, COCA, and didn't find anything for "assess a course/prognosis/long-term treatment" or "evaluate a course/prognosis/long-term treatment".

    However, a Google search yielded several thousand hits for "evaluation of an illness" and also several thousand for "assessment of an illness". I'd probably use "evaluation" for your sentence, particularly if you intend to quantify your remarks about the course, prognosis, and long-term treatment. "Assessment" sounds possible though I like "evaluation" better. I don't think I'd use "appraisal" in that sentence, as I tend to reserve it as a verb meaning "assign a monetary value to something".
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