appraisal vs appraisement


I looked up the two words -appraisal and appraisement in the dictionary and they seem to have the same meaning. Then , in the following sentnece, can I use both words? If not, what is a correct word and why?

( the provided word: appraise)
As with any business idea, an honest ____. should be
undertaken regarding the demand for the work and the
price the customer is prepared to pay in rality.
  • PaulQ

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    Appraisal every time. To be honest, I had never heard the word 'appraisement' and my spell checker hasn't either!

    sound shift

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    My home dictionary, the Collins Dictionary (a UK publication), lists "appraisal" and "appraisement", giving one definition for both. In other words, the dictionary regards them as synonyms. Like Paul, I had never seen or heard "appraisement" before. Perhaps "appraisement" is more widespread in some countries than in others.
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