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Do you think "appreciation for" in this context mean "understanding of" or "gratitude for"?


Gombrich says that even when he wrote an entire book on caricature, he hardly smiled. I can’t say that I have had the same experience; the artworks and artists that I have written about in this book have given me cause to smile and laugh along the way. Historians and critics are finally recognizing that artworks compel us to laugh, and this may not be a bad thing. I think it is healthy for the art world that artists express their comic intent, their love for the absurd, and their appreciation for all the forms of humour discussed in this book. Finally, viewers of art, through the exhibition of these works, and reproductions of these works in books, can have a response of laughter to art with the knowledge that laughter in art is serious business.

(Art and Laughter by Sheri Klein)
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    It means "understanding".

    Appreciation (WR dictionary): clear perception and understanding of something: [uncountable] a course in art appreciation. [countable]; usually singular] hasn't a clear appreciation of the difficulties.
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