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Hi there!

In a survey, I first asked people how they liked a product generally (scale 1-10). I then asked them about specific attributes of this product and how they would rate each of these (scale 1-10). Now I am writing up the article but seem unable to decide on a naming convention, i.e. how I should refer to certain points consistently. I tend to make the following distinction:

"Appreciation of product"; would refer to avg. score of answers on how much they liked it, generally

"Evaluation of product"; would refer to the chapter heading, i.e. the section in the paper that deals with how the product is assessed (this includes the single question how they liked the product generally, and all questions dealing with more specific attributes.)

However, a colleague was somewhat unhappy with the wording "appreciation of product". It just does not sound right to him (he is also German, though). I am tinkering with "liking" and "assessment" as well. I then might use "liking of product" to refer only to the overall evaluation, i.e. how much they liked it generally. Whether "assessment" is better or worse than "evaluation" as a chapter heading is something I do not know either. I have read on this forum that "assessment" describes more of a process. Hence, I would tend not to use it, and stick with "evaluation" here.

What is your opinion? In particular, I am unsure about how I should refer to the single question.

Your help is greatly appreciated!
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    I don't think "appreciation of product" is the phrase you want, either. I would opt for something like "satisfaction with product."


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    Thanks for your suggestions so far!

    I think "satisfaction" would be a good fit if it were a physical good, or at least that survey respondents had an actual chance of interacting with the product. However, the good they had to assess was more of an abstract conception (which I cannot fully discolose here), similar to e.g. payment with Near Field Communication (NFC) versus payment in Cash. Respondents would have read an abstract description of NFC payment and then assess whether they liked it generally. They then were exposed to specific attributes of NFC payment and all of these attributes were then assessed individually.
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