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Let me introduce myself since this is my first post here. I am a Catalan student of Translation and Interpretation in the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. I handed in a composition to my English professor and he gave me back it corrected. Obviously, he corrected alsmost everything because he is very 'fussy' and he wants it perfectly. I have many doubts and I cannot spend too much time posting them here because you may be fed up with me! =) So, I would like to answer if there is here any English speaker person who may add me to MSN and that way it would be easier for me to correct my composition and hand it again.

First of all, I write here my first doubt:

'The conventional ways of teaching in the different steps of the apprenticeship have not always turned out to be the ones followed by some families.'

According to the corrections of my teacher, APPRENTICESHIP is a 'word error' mistake and I would like to know which noun or phrase may substitude it correctly.

If any of you is either ready to add me in the MSN and help me to correct the whole composition (it is not very long, sure) or can give me a hand in solving this particulat doubt, I would be very happy.

Thanks a lot,
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    Hello, did you look up apprenticeship in a English dictionary, for instance ?

    I think this tells everything:

    ap·pren·tice –noun
    1. a person who works for another in order to learn a trade: an apprentice to a plumber.

    Apprenticeship is a very specialised word in English: you need something less specific.
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