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I work in a vocational school and I would like to clarify some points about the working part of my pupils. They belong to two different categories :

1) The "apprentices" ("apprentis"), who study two weeks at school and work two weeks in a company (per month). They are paid by their company to both work and study. We call this system "apprentissage" which I would translate by "apprenticeship". OK?

And we also call the period in the company "apprentissage". Here I am stuck. I don't think that "apprenticeship" would fit, "training period" seems to me to cover both the part in school and the part at the company. Would "work placement" fit? Any other idea?

We also call the company they work for "entreprise d'apprentissage". I would suggest there "training company". OK?

2) We also teach adults, who learn a new job. This is usually a "reconversion", I think the english is "career change"). We call these adults "stagiaires". I would go for "trainee" in that case. OK?

They spend much of their training at school and only go for a few weeks in the year to work for a company. Here, we call it "un stage" and I think "work placement" would fit. OK?

Thank you very much.
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    That must be BE--in AE we call this cooperative learning or coop course or program.
    :thumbsup: sandwich course students / trainees can be found in universities and vocational training centres!

    ("Sandwich course" sounds like learning to make your lunch!)
    :D :D :D Literally!