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What is the difference between “approach to” and “approach for”?

Merriam Webster says “to” is often used with “approach”.


— often + to

  • I really admire your direct approach to the problem.
  • Some doctors are trying a radical new approach to cancer treatment.
Approach - Definition for English-Language Learners from Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

However, I do find some sentences in news where “approach” is followed by “for”.

1. Springboks won't change approach for final: Erasmus

Springboks won't change approach for final: Erasmus

2. We are writing to urge our entire community to collaborate this week in creating and using a new approach for Berkeley to become much more resilient to power outages, air quality challenges or other events that could disrupt ordinary instruction in the future.

A new, collaborative and resilient approach to instruction at UC Berkeley

3. Specifically, it is twice as long as the consensus Democratic approach for addressing paid leave, the FAMILY Act, which would provide three months of leave (paid for by higher payroll taxes) and thus far has failed to generate conservative support.

Democrats’ race to extremes thwarts progress on important issues
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    In your first example "approach to.." means "the way in which one approaches cancer treatment"
    In the others the "to xxx" is implied, as below:
    The second could be written as "Springboks won't change [their[ approach [to the game] for (=concerning/in relation to [the]) final .
    2. .. using a new approach [to dealing with disruptions] for (=in order that) Berkeley becomes more resilient
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