''Approach women'' in American English

Xavier da Silva

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Hello everyone,

Does the verb "approach" sound idiomatic in American English in my examples below? Meaning intended: talk to or get close to someone in order to start a relationship, possibly a romantic/sexual one in the future, after the approaching.

a. He approached her at the party, they talked but nothing else happended in spite of him telling her he liked her, on the next day.
b. I'm reading a book whose title is: 'How to approach women'. It is a good book.

Thank you in advance!
  • Yes, a. sounds OK. That is in part because the nature of the appproach is indicated. Remember that 'approach' has a broad meaning, as in
    "A approached his friend B regarding the topic of them both moving to Australia."
    "The customer approached the ticket seller at the theater, to buy a ticket."

    b. is not very helpful in indicating the meaning of the term, but it's passable.
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