Appropriation Request & Post Mortem Assessment

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    Quisiera que me ayuden con el significado de Appropriation Request y Monitoring, Post Mortem assessment, en el siguiente contexto:

    The procedure has been re-written. Since the last version, the main changes are:​
    - ​
    Level and process of approvals which vary according to the amount of the expenditure

    - ​
    Documentation: financial justification, risk analysis for major projects

    - Clarification of the main steps: Strategic Plan, Budget, Project Preparation, Appropriation Request (A.R.), Monitoring, Post Mortem assessment.

    Quedo a la espera de sus comentarios
    De antemano Gracias!

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    Solicitud de fondos para proyecto de inversión, Seguimiento, Evaluación de la cantidad Post Mortem.

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