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  1. bise Senior Member

    Dear all,

    I pick up this thread even if my question is quite different: I would like to translate the expression "appuntamento settimanale" in relation to a TV programme.
    My sentence: "Le tematiche che verranno di volta in volta affrontate nel corso degli appuntamenti settimanali saranno le più svariate: dall'immigrazione alle politiche abitative, da ecc."

    I have no idea about a proper translation of "appuntamento" in this context because I guess that "appointment" doesn't work here.

    My try: "The issues addressed each time over the weekly ... will be the most different: from immigration to housing policies, from..."

    Does anybody have any suggestions?
    Thank you!
  2. rrose17

    rrose17 Senior Member

    Canada, English
    I would say you'd have to change to structure of the sentence rather than try to translate it directly. I don't know if you really need the word appuntamento at all, in fact.
    The stories we will be touching on over the next weeks will be many and varied...
    The issues we will be visiting on a weekly basis will be many and varied...
  3. Lorena1970

    Lorena1970 Banned

    Italy, Italiano
    To my mind this one is closer to the original sentence.
  4. bise Senior Member

    Thank you very much!
    Your suggestion seems very good, but I still have a question: why in this context "to visit" is better than "to address"? Is there a specific reason?
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  5. Lorena1970

    Lorena1970 Banned

    Italy, Italiano
    Secondo me "The issues we will be addressing on a weekly basis...." andrebbe bene lo stesso.
  6. rrose17

    rrose17 Senior Member

    Canada, English
    To me they are pretty much the same. Addressing here sounds a little more academic and less "entertaining" than visiting which for the context (TV) fits better. But both work..
  7. bise Senior Member

    Ok! I got the difference. Thanks so much (-:
  8. lau21286 Member

    Buongiorno a tutti!! Ho un dubbio sulla traduzione appuntamento settimanale nel seguente contesto:

    "Oggi inauguriamo un appuntamento settimanale alla scoperta delle funzionalità dei nostri prodotti"

    Il mio tentativo di traduzione è: today we inaugurate an appointment on a weekly basis/ a weekly appointment, to discover the functionality of our products.
    Quale delle due è corretta?
    So che è già stata posta la domanda, ma non mi sembra adatta al mio contesto.
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  9. mc_hurricane Member

    Messina, Italy
    Ci ritroviamo lau! :) Anche questa io personalmente la cambierei un po'.

    Today will be the first of many weekly appointments (...) / of a series of weekly appointments (...)

  10. lau21286 Member

    Decisamente meglio!! Grazie mc_hurricane :D

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