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  1. radiolibre Member

    Eastern Seaboard, USA
    I have debated this with a friend. Which is correct?

    aprender sobre ____ o, aprender acerca de ____

    Gracias de antemano!

  2. YaniraTfe Senior Member

    Canary Islands, Spain
    español (España)
    Hi radiolibre!

    In my opinion, both "sobre" and "acerca de" are correct after the verb "aprender".

    Actually, if you look up "sobre" in La Rae, the second meaning they provide is "acerca de", so they can be synonyms.

    Having said this, I suppose the choice of one or the other is probably a regional thing. I dare say though that - at least in Spain - "aprender sobre algo" is much more common.

    Let's wait for some more opinions! :)
  3. Lilina New Member

    spanish - chile
    .... what about english?
    is it learning about something?
  4. Wandering JJ

    Wandering JJ Senior Member

    British English
    Yes, in most cases we say "to learn about something".

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