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Hola amigos:

¿Cómo se dice "tengo 5 materias aprobadas y 2 aplazadas"

I have 5 courses passed and 2 failed?

¿Y cómo se dice aplazo como sustantivo? Es para un transcript que dice "Aplazo"

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    I have passed five subjects but the other two are incompletes.
    Aunque veo en el diccionario que en Venezuela con "aplazada" se quiere decir "failed".

    "Aplazo" ¿=aplazmiento?
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    I would probaly use:-
    "I passed five courses and failed two" or "I passed five courses out of seven"

    This is the definition for aplazo from the dictionary on the website.
    fail sustantivo
    1. countable (in exam, test) (BrE) reprobado m or (Esp) suspenso m or (RPl) aplazo m


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    I don't know what you mean by transcript, but if you had something from the college/university it would be similar to the example below:-

    Student A
    Geography (Pass), Science (Pass), Mathematics (Fail), History (Pass), Computing (Referred)
    A referral is sometimes given when you have got just under the mark needed to pass. It usually implies that you will be given the chance to take the subject again.
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