Aprobado con Distinción Máxima

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    Hi everyone, hope you're doing all fine :)

    I was wandering if you could give me a hand with a course description. Is there a more formal or appropriate word for finishing a course than "pass"? And what would be the correct expression for Aprobado con distinción Máxima?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Lerma Senior Member

  3. avestruzhouse Senior Member

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    passing with honors would be "aprobado con distincion" so what would distincion maxima be? i'm translating this document foe Scotland and I don't know if it could be comparable with magnum cum laude. thoughts?
  4. Fundora2009 Member

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    Graduated with honors
  5. jtLeebs

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    Hola, puedes decir algo como: "Graduate with high honors." That works for American English but I don't know about Scottish...
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    I think it depends on what kind of course you're talking about. If it's a degree course, then "graduate" would be the right way to say it (rather than "pass"). Graduating con distinción máxima would be "summa cum laude" ("cum laude" is with distintion, and "magna cum laude" is kind of an intermediate level of distinction, as far as I know...).

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