aprobado, eximido (grade report)

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    Hi, I have some questions about some words in a grade report card I'm translating for my sister.

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    Next, here is part of the grade report card with some of the words I'm having trouble

    Asignatura Sección Grade Message Credits

    8407 - PEDIATRICS - I U1 17 Seventeen Eximido 4


    Asignatura means Subject or Course, which word should it be?

    Sección refers to the Class Section, but I don't know is there a better name for it.

    Eximido means Aced, but I don't think they'll put that in Report Card.

    Aprobado means Passed, could be Approved but I've have never seem or hear it used for grades in English.

    Thanks for your time.
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  2. anahiseri

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    Eximido is exempt
    For aprobado I would say pass
  3. Mr.Dent

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    English American
    Eximido means exempted or waived.

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