1. Proserpina2000

    Proserpina2000 Senior Member

    I have a doubt, how can I say in English 'aprobado raspado', 'por los pelos'? It is when you pass an exam with a very low mark and you are about to fail it.
    Thank u very much,

  2. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    One option is : scraped by...

    I just scraped by that one by the skin of my teeth.
  3. Proserpina2000

    Proserpina2000 Senior Member

    Thank u Scotu, so can I say 'I scraped by my English exam, for instance'? Is it correct?
  4. lambbanana New Member

    English - USA
    "I scraped by on my English exam."

    More commonly, you might hear it like this...:
    A: "How'd you do on the test?"
    B: "I barely scraped by. But now I'm just happy it's over, and I passed."

    You can also "scrape by" with regards to money, mental health, etc....
    "I'm scraping by" = "I'm barely managing."
    "I was able to scrape together enough money to afford ...x"
  5. jasminasul

    jasminasul Senior Member

    Spanish Andalusia
    It could also be: I barely passed with a C-. Would that sound OK?
  6. lambbanana New Member

    English - USA
    Yeah that's fine

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