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I'm not sure if this is a french word or not it's "appropo" meaning appropriate. I'm not sure of the correct spelling either.
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    That might be "à propos", which is a french idiom meaning "by the way". Yet it can have different meanings according to the context.



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    Thanks for the info. Where might I find other meanings according to the context. A French dictionary perhaps?



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    This word shows up in my dictionary as: apropos. It means relevant or appropriate. It comes from the French phrase a propos, "to the purpose". (I can't make the proper accent over the a.)

    It is very apropos to take a gift when visiting new neighbors.
    This is the only meaning I know of in English.


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    I know it from German. They use it quite a lot, almost in the same way we use "a proposito" in Italian (informal), and sounds to me like the English "that reminds me..." . So I cheked, and it can be used in English too with the meaning of "related to". Here two examples taken form the Cambridge online dictionary:

    I had a letter from Sally yesterday - apropos (of) which, did you send her that article?
    Apropos what you said yesterday, I think you made the right decision.


    apropos (RELATED), a propos adverb [not gradable], preposition formal
    used to introduce something which is related to or connected with something that has just been said
    I had a long letter from my sister yesterday - apropos (of) which, have you heard from yours recently?
    Apropos what you said yesterday, I think you were right.

    (SUITABLE) adjective formal
    suitable in a particular situation or at a particular time
    I thought his remarks about her father were hardly apropos.

    The NEW OXFORD Dictionary

    preposition with reference to; concerning: she remarked apropos of the initiative, ‘It's not going to stop the abuse’.
    adverb [SENTENCE ADVERB] (apropos of nothing) used to state a speaker's belief that someone's comments or acts are unrelated to any previous discussion or situation: Isabel kept smiling apropos of nothing.
    adjective [PREDIC.] very appropriate to a particular situation: the song feels apropos to a midnight jaunt.
    ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French à propos ‘(with regard) to (this) purpose’.