aprovechando la convivencia cotidiana

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    I'm trying to translate this, it's part of a document about child welfare and social interventions. After the planning stages the intervention happens (which is why I used carried out instead of developed... )

    la intervención propiamente dicha se desarrolla por parte de los profesionales aprovechando la convivencia cotidiana y la utilización de los recursos de la comunidad.

    Here's my attempt:

    The intervention itself is carried out by the professionals making use of day to day relations and community resources.

    But it sounds awful. La convivencia suggests harmony, relations, living together, coexistence and cotidiana is day to day, quotidian but I can't put them together in my head and come up with anything that sounds plausible in this context. Any ideas anyone?

    Many thanks for your help.

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    Well there's always conviviality, although the dictionary simply says living together.

    ...is carried out by professionals making use of daily coexistence and community resources.
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    You could also try something less literal but maybe more idiomatic, such as making use of community resources and routine interactions with others.

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