Aprovechando la oportunidad

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  1. DaGica

    DaGica Senior Member

    Hey guys!
    Could you help me to know how to say or translate this phrase into English.
    "Aprovechando la oportunidad, ya que me has llamado, me gustaría saber si Phil te entregó la invitación de mi boda?"
    My attempt:
    "Seizing the opportunity that you have called me, I'd like to know if Phil handed you my wedding invitation?"
    Well, could someone help me to get rid of my doubts but saying as a native speaker would say it, please.!
    Thanks in advance.
  2. VocabloTrad Senior Member

    English - UK
    I would say, "Now that I've got you on the phone,..."
  3. DaGica

    DaGica Senior Member

    VocabloTrad.. thank you for your help.. just one more question.. It doesn't exist the way to say.. Aprovechando la oportunidad? Maybe it sound a bit strange for natives.. but.. is it possible?
  4. VocabloTrad Senior Member

    English - UK
    Yes, it exists, but I can't hear myself saying it in your context.

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