Aprovecharse/Make the most of


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Catalan (Catalonia) / Spanish (Spain)
Hi! I'm trying to translate an architectural text into English, and I'm not sure if I did it well, I'm not happy with the result. Did I use the correct translation for "aprovecharse"? Please correct any mistakes, or anything that doesn't sound well.

Original text:
"Las condiciones y la topografía del lugar de emplazamiento son aprovechadas para la planificación del edificio y sus diversos usos. El sencillo volumen central se encuentra paralelo a una riera y la gran explanada que se extiende ante él conforma la plaza pública y la entrada al mismo."

My try:
"The project makes the most of the conditions and topography of the location, using them for its setting and several uses. The simple central volume is located parallel to a creek bed, and the big flattened area in front of it becomes both a square and the entrance to the building."

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