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    I have a list of abbreviations where the words "apto" and "aprobado" appear.

    Abreviaturas: AP: aprobado; NT: notable; SB: sobresaliente; SS: suspenso; NP: no presentado; AT: apto; Tip: tipo de materia... (Transcript of a Spanish University)

    I found the following definition for "apto":

    Apto Algunas actividades se califican sólo como Apto/No Apto. No tienen calificación numérica y no
    se tienen en cuenta en el cálculo de la puntuación media.

    Source: http://www2.uca.es/ordenacion/conver...II/sd_mate.pdf

    Could it be translated as "pass" (aprobado) and "Pass, no grade points (apto)? I did not considerthe alternative of satisfactory for "apto" because in the US there are two grading systems: pass/fail system and satisfactory/unsatisfactory system and the word "satisfactory" does not express the meaning of "apto".
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    In the translation of this grading system at a Spanish university, if you translate "aprobado" as "Satisfactory" (I think both these terms mean:"Suficiente", more or less), then you can then turn around and translate "Apto" as "Pass".

    Not sure if I am understanding all of this correctly, but i noticed no one had given you a reply, so... here is one.

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