arôme de framboise mûre

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    I am going through a guide book and came across local specialities as well as the words in the heading I will include the whole sentence just to make sure I have the full sense:
    ...comme le Vouvray (notes confites de compotée d'abricots et de miel floral), le Bourgueil (arômes de framboise mûre..

    My guess is "such as le Vouvray (note cyrstalised apricots and flower honey) le Bourgueil (flavours of...
    The next 2 words are of 2 different fruits: raspberries and blackberries so not sure what the correct translation would be
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    Here it means ripe raspberry
  3. omar504 Member

    Thanks for that!
    Is my translation of the first sentence OK?

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