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Bonjour à tous,

En ce qui concerne la prononciation de l'article défini "le", quand est-ce qu'on l'utilise ?

Est-ce qu'on dit: sbah el xir ou sbah le xir pour Bonjour ?

Est-ce qu'on dit le fluss ou el fluss pour l'argent ?

Wesh endık el hlib ou le hlib pour Est-ce que tu as du lait ?

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide.
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    Hello, here is when you put it and when you don't:

    صباح الخير (this never changes)

    For what concerns your examples, it is according to the context:

    عندك فلوس؟ means "Have you got money?"
    عندك الفلوس؟ means "have you got the money?" implying you're pointing at a specific context that both interlocutors know about.

    عندك (شي) حليب؟ means "Have you got (some) milk?"
    عندك الحليب؟ means "have you got the milk?"

    شي used before a noun means "some". Also, وش is not mandatory, the tone may be enough to express interrogation although nothing prevents you from using it.

    Last but not least, some Moroccans don't even bother distinguishing these nuances (since it's spoken language) and use the "wrong" (if I may qualify it this way) way for a given situation.

    Edit: My bad, I misreaded your question!! You were asking about the pronunciation! So it's both. It's rather a regional and/or personal preference (mostly not awarely chosen xD). This may depend on the following letter and the position of the word in the sentence. If the sentence starts with الحليب or الفلوس, then it is "al 7liib/al fluus" but when it's in the middle or at the end of the sentence, It's le7liib/lefluus.
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